Fairlea Farm In Memoriam

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These are my buddies from the past. I miss each of them more than I can say.

Horse: Meg - Smithfield Magic Harvest
Dogs: Charmante - Charmante des Allemand, CD
Rory - CH Fairlea Connemara Roderick, UD, HIT
Diccon - Fairlea Kylene Lionheart, CDX, AX, MXJ, PS1
Kes - Fairlea Connemara Kes, CDX, AX, AXJ
Cats: Marty
Goats: Southview Farms Rakel
Heidi - ARMCH Fairlea Heidi *D E *M
Sheep: Janine and Marcia

SMFD Magic Harvest ("Meg")
1984 - 2004

(UC Harvester 30244 X Smithfield Super Mis 089229)

My lovely Meg was a Morgan mare and the most kind and caring friend both to me and to all her beloved goat companions. That's Timothy behind Meg, the twins Lydia and Yoni in front of her, and Heidi (as a kid) in front of her mother Lydia.


1992 - 2004
Timothy was one of my first pair of goats, a half-pygmy-half-Nigerian wether and Meg's best friend. He died only five days before Meg did. He is the gray one hiding behind Meg in the picture.

Charmante des Allemands, CD
1965 - 1982

(Amystis Charlie Black X Juliette des Allemands, CDX)

Charmante was my first dog and my best friend all through my youth. She is shown here with her mother Juliette (left) and half sister Magique (middle). She loved all the doggiest activities, and she loved showing, and equally loved just sitting in my lap. But always, even when she was bubbling over with irrepressible poodle fun, she had a certain air about her that earned her the nickname "The Queen" from my friends.

CH Fairlea Connemara Roderick, UD, HIT
(Herding Instinct Tested)
1984 - 2000

(Robbins Brae Aylmere Accord X CH Merridon's Jolie of Connemara)

Rory was my first sheltie and serious show competitor. He taught me a tremendous amount not only about dog training and competition, but about really throwing oneself into everything with enthusiasm.

  Photo by Chuck Tatham

Fairlea Kylene Lionheart, CDX, AX, MXJ, PD1
1992 - 2007

(Ch. Fairlea Connemara Roderick, UD x Kylene's The Winnie Mae, CD, AX, AXJ)

Diccon was very enthusiastic about everything we tried and wanted to do it all at top speed while barking his head off - conformation (until he went oversize), obedience, agility, and, rather late in life, herding. He was also my staunch support and the love of my other sheltie Kes's life, and very much missed by both of us.

He was my only home-bred dog (so far). He also had two legs on his UD and 9 legs on his MX, just couldn't get those last legs before he got too old to jump--my fault for being too busy with family and work during his younger years. The photo is at the Cheshire Kennel Club (NH) agility trial in 2003.

  Photo by Ken Reed Photos

Fairlea Connemara Kes, CDX AX AXJ OAP OAJP
5/10/1996 - 11/22/2010

(Connemara Orator x Connemara Keepsake)

Kes was a very sweet, slightly timid dog who didn't really like public appearances but, with time, learned to enjoy training and competition. She started out as Holly's dog and a conformation competitor, but the breed part didn't work out (she developed corneal dystrophy at age 2) and when Holly went off to college, I took over her training and we earned agility and obedience titles. She was too timid to face down sheep or even ducks, although when Diccon was with her she could be bolder. What she really loved, though, was being with people and with Diccon, her best friend, whom she ordered around shamelessly - and he let her.

The photo shows her at the Cheshire agility trial in October, 2004.

  Photo by Ken Reed Photos


Diccon and Kes as they wanted to be - together.  


1979 - 1993

Marty was a real character, as you can see from this picture.


1997 - 2010

Willow was a small, sweet, friendly tuxedo cat, part Manx, with a half-length tail. In kittenhood, she and Kes played together day and night, but after about a year she suddenly put aside childish things and refused to play with Kes any more. Occasionally she would relent and offer a very brief scuffle, usually outdoors, where she would suddenly flash across the yard and pounce when I was training or playing with the dogs. She was always rolly polly no matter how much we tried to keep her weight down, because she was a very conscientious mouser.



Mystique was a delight for every minute of her tragically short life. She, too, was part Manx, but with a normal tail, silver-and-gray tabby coloring, and tuxedo markings. We lost her at only three years old, much, much too soon.


Southview Farms Rakel
1992 - 2003

(Stonewall's Blackjack X Stonewall's Virginia)

Rachael was my first goat doe, the mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, etc. of almost all my other goats -- and a very dear friend.
More about Rachael here.


ARMCH Fairlea Heidi *D E *M
7/29/95 - 6/16/12

(ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S E x Fairlea Lydia)

What can I say? She was my heart goat, my "Queen," and the herd queen as well, who always reigned with a light and kindly hand. The picture is not her best show one, but you can see the sweetness of her face. I can only hope there will ever be another like her.
More about Heidi here.


Marcia   and   Janine
1994-2002     1994-2008

Janine and Marcia were twin sisters, both Finn-Dorsets and my first sheep. For twins they were surprisingly different in personality: Marcia was definitely leader of the flock, sometimes demanding and always in the front line to find out whatever interesting activity was going on. Janine was slightly larger but calm, patient, gentle and always pleasant. Marcia is the one in the picture, but they looked almost exactly the same. (Except Marcia's face always seemed to have a little dirt on it, no matter how often I cleaned it. Maybe she wanted to be sure I knew which one she was).