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Last updated December 5, 2011

ARMCH Fairlea Fleur 3*D E AR#1950 ADGA 3*M
Rosasharns Julius X MCH Fairlea Gretchen
Cream-and-white, born 4/16/00, a twin.
Fleur in 2002, her first freshening. The rear view is from Joanne Karohl, thanks!

Fleur in 2003, both taken by Joanne Karohl, thanks!

2003 again - this one by Cheryle Moore-Smith, thanks! It shows her true coloring, gold with white spots, although that is visible only when recently clipped and in the right kind of light. Usually she just looks white.

2007 with her quads by PromisedLand Incredible Hunk - left to right, Fairlea Jean Valjean, Fairlea Jean-Luc, Fairlea Jean-Jacques, and Fairlea Fleur's Black Falcon. All producing well at various farms around the US (except Jean Valjean, who died suddenly, but left behind several promising doelings.)