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Last updated January 27, 2017


Flat Rocks Night Raven x Fairlea Lindt. Black and cream buckskin but mostly white, born 7/1/08, a triplet.
Linnet at about three weeks old (2008).

May, 2010, her first freshening. The side picture has no milk in her udder - just took her from her kids for a quick picture to update her page until I can get better pictures.

Later in 2010. Way too much space between her hind legs, but watch what she does with it in a few years.


2013. Horrible picture, too many shadows, but at least you can see how amazingly she filled out that space between her legs. In fact, she filled out amazingly all over and matured very differently, much broader and deeper, from what I expected

2015. The udder looked better earlier in the season, but unfortunately I didn't get a good picture then.