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Last updated: December 22, 2014


My lovely Morgan mare, UDM Sable, arrived here 2014. She used to be an Amish buggy horse from ForeverMorgans Horse Rescue.

phoenix in 2014

The new kitten, December 2014. She looks so much like our Mystique did that we named her Phoenix.

home front yard

The front pasture, 2012.

farm view window

The view out the kitchen window, September, 2012.

hen with chicks

Hen with chicks.
Ester's kid and Bella, 2010. A bowl full of kids, 2010.


bonnie and herd in 2007

Some of the herd in 2007.

farmyard in winter

The Barnyard in winter, 2003.

Fleur and Gretchen

Fleur and Gretchen, 2001

trees, fall 2003

Trees in Bolton, MA, fall 2003


Rocky Mountain wildflowers at Maroon Lake, around 1978