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Last updated: July 25, 2016

These are does I owned and loved. All my current does are descended from them, but they are deceased or I no longer own them. Some of the earlier pictures were taken in the days before I knew how to properly groom, pose, or "bag up" the goats for show purposes, so the pictures don't show as much about their conformation as I would like (especially for Rachael, Lydia, and Yoni), but they at least give an idea of what they looked like.
Southview Farms Rakel, my first breeding goat, is behind all of the Nigerian dwarf does I have today. Information and pictures of Rachael and her first two daughters by Brush Creek Shiloh (Lydia and Yoni) are also available on Dragonfly Farm's reference page.

Fairlea Lydia and Fairlea Yoni
ARMCH Fairlea Heidi *D E, *M
ARMCH Fairlea Gretchen 2*D E, 2*M
ARMCH Fairlea Fleur 3*D E, 3*M
Fairlea Diana
Fairlea Electra
Fairlea Laurel
Fairlea Hollyhock *M
Fairlea Lindt 2*D E, 2*M
Fairlea Tosca 2*D E, *M
GCH Seraiah Farms LHY Ailia *M

Southview Farms Rakel
1992 - 2003

(Stonewall's Blackjack X Stonewall's Virginia)

Rachael was my first goat doe, the mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, etc. of almost all my other goats -- and a very sweet friend.


Fairlea Lydia and Fairlea Yoni
Sire: Brush Creek Shiloh +S (Brush Creek Russell x Pine Cone Valley Jolene)
Dam: Southview Farms Rakel (Stonewall's Black Jack x Stonewall's Virginia
Lydia and Yoni's Page

Born 5/15/94. Lydia and her twin Yoni were the very first kids born at Fairlea. On the advice of Judy Veale of Stonewall Farm, I bred their mother Rachael to Judy's buck Brush Creek Shiloh, and I have always been grateful for the solid foundation that gave my herd.
Lydia was chocolate with a couple of subtle moonspots; Yoni black with wild moonspots. Lydia had the better udder; Yoni the better body and legs. Lydia was the pushier one, Yoni the sweeter one, but Lydia was happy to be milked (though unfortunately tight orifices); and Yoni was a terror on the milkstand (but great orifices!). My does who come down from Lydia tend to have tremendous width and depth and large, well-attached udders, but it took a couple generations to improve the feet, legs, and shoulders; Yoni descendents are very elegant and dairy with excellent general conformation and good feet and legs, but the rear attachments are taking even longer to improve.
Unfortunately, my pictures of them aren't too good (I had a lot to learn back then), but there's also more information at Dragonfly Farm's reference page.

ARMCH Fairlea Heidi *D E, *M
7/29/95 - 6/16/12
ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S E X Fairlea Lydia
Heidi's page

Photo by Joanne Karohl, Dragonfly Farm
Gold and white, pictured in 2004. Holder of the AGS "Oldest Doe on Test" record (earned in 2010 at 13 years, 11 months). Heidi was my heart goat. There was never any question from the moment of her birth that Heidi was a keeper, and that her name was Heidi. She soon placed herself in charge of my sanity -- whenever I was upset about anything, she came over wearing an inquiring expression, leaned against me, looked up into my face, and simply exuded calmness and support. (The grumpy expression on her face in the picture is not grumpiness but just an unattractive moment of cud-chewing when the photographer snapped the picture. She chews her cud for picture-taking.) It was just the best luck that she also turned out to be my first winning doe, and her patient attitude and long teats made her a pleasure to milk. She absolutely loved showing; no handler was needed - she showed herself, set herself up perfectly and stood like a rock, chewing her cud with a blissful expression on her face.
For most of her life she was "Queen" of the herd (a very kindly queen, much more diplomatic than her predecessor, her mother Lydia, had been), a position she never relinquished until she was very old and feeble. Even then the other goats never challenged her about it; they just quietly resolved it among themselves and left her dignity intact.
Heidi has left her impact on the breed as the producer of a long, unbroken line of champion does: her daughter Gretchen, then Gretchen's daughter Fleur, Fleur's Marguerite, and Marguerite's Margereen (so far). Heidi's daughters Lindt, Laurel, and Tosca and sons Hamlet, Siegfried and Tristan are also producing many outstanding generations. And those are just the ones I know about personally; other sons and daughters living on other farms are producing well, too.
AGS Classified: Excellent with a score of 90.9 in August, 2004.
Show wins (all AGS): 3 GrCH (including one BB over challengers), 5 Best Udder, 5 Best of Breed as a champion
Important wins: Best of Breed Doe at the ANDDA National Specialty on June 24, 2005, at the AGS National show week in Springfield, MA. At just one month short of 10 years old, she defeated many of the top does in the northeast, including the one that won AGS National Champion Doe the next day. My son Cedric had the thrill of his career so far, because he was the lucky handler showing her! Other big winners that weekend were Fairlea Fleur (ANDDA Best Udder), Fairlea Troy (ANDDA Grand Champion Junior Doe) and Stonewall's Diggory Venn (AGS National Champion Buck)!

ARMCH Fairlea Gretchen 2*D E, 2*M
3/26/98 - 10/16/14
MCH Fairlea Diggory Venn ARMCH Fairlea Heidi
Gretchen's page

Gold and white, side picture in 2005 by Joanne Karohl, rear in 2002 by Anne Petersen. Gretchen seemed fated to be one of those who wins lots of reserves and no championships because she didn't like showing (the grumpy expression on her face in the picture was fairly common in the ring), until the age of seven, when she suddenly won three successive shows in August, 2005, to finish her permanent MCH. And then she decided she liked showing! That's what an atmosphere of appreciation will do for a goat! Her final win completed three generations of MCH does, Heidi (grandmother) - Gretchen (mother) - Fleur (daughter) -- and now five generations, with Fairlea Marguerite and Fairlea Margereen.
AGS Classification Score: 91.1, Excellent.
Show Wins (all AGS): 3 Senior GrCh, 3 Reserves.

ARMCH Fairlea Fleur 3*D E, 3*M
4/16/00 - 3/13/15
Rosasharns Julius X ARMCH Fairlea Gretchen
Fleur's page

Photos by Joanne Karohl
Cream and white, pictured in 2004. Although less than 20 inches tall and a bit on the dumpy side, Fleur was very dairy and a fabulous milker, who produced the highest volume of milk in my barn until her daughters Florence and Marguerite hit their stride. She had the best udder I have ever seen, very large in proportion to her size, very tightly attached, with wonderfully large, soft teats and a huge area of attachment. Judge Harvey Consodine summed up her talents in 2003, when, on bending over to examine her udder, he exclaimed, "Oh, my, you're a real working girl, aren't you!" On the way to earning her title, at least two of the judges commented on her "incredible udder." An outstanding producer, too: she has at least three champion daughters that I know of, and several sons who have been shown (I don't know if they are champions, though).
AGS Classification: 91.1 Excellent, in 2006
Show wins (all AGS): 3 GrCh, 4 Reserves, 6 Best Udder
Most Important Win: Best Udder at the 2005 ANDDA National Specialty, held at the AGS Nationals in Springfield, MA.

Fairlea Electra
(MCH Stonewall's Diggory Venn x Southview Farms Rakel)

Bright red and white, born 1999, shown in 2004. Electra was an odd personality who often seemed to expect the worst from human beings, totally contrary to her own experience. Nevertheless, she was well-behaved on the milking stand and an excellent mother who produced quadruplets and somehow fed and managed them all with ease. She was also a beautiful, shiny red color, much darker than this picture makes her look. Her AGS classification score is 89.2. She moved to Lisa Bernard's Wind O Mere Farm in Spencer, MA and then to another farm.
  Photo by Joanne Karohl

Fairlea Diana
(MCH Stonewall's Diggory Venn x Fairlea Yoni)

Black with white spots and two small moon spots, born 1997. Diana consistently produced three to five kids each year and took good care of them. She had good general conformation and produced some nice kids, but could use better front udder attachment. She also didn't like to stand still for milking, although in general she was one of my sweetest, most friendly goats. She moved to Anna and Mark Trafton's farm in Westport, MA.
  Photo by Joanne Karohl

Fairlea Laurel VG
(MCH Stonewall's Diggory Venn x ARMCH Fairlea Heidi *D E)
Red/gold roaned, mostly white, born 4/20/02, side picture in 2005, rear in 2007. Her AGS classification score was 89.5. Laurel had a beautiful body; very short, upright pasterns; a beautiful, but somewhat small udder; and a very sweet personality. She was also a very little goat (under 20 inches), but had no trouble producing and feeding twins and triplets. She moved to Fonnie Thoman's Riverview Farm in Crown City, Ohio.

Fairlea Hollyhock ADGA 1* M
(Rosasharn's Julius X Fairlea Laurel)
Various shades of gold and white, born 6/10/05, a twin. Photos in 2007 at her first freshening. Hollyhock now lives with Lisa Olinger at Hickory Grove Farm.

Fairlea Lindt 2*D E, 2*M
3/24/03 - 3/13/12
Rosasharn's Julius ARMCH Fairlea Heidi
Lindt's page
We lost our lovely Lindt unexpectedly and miss her very much. She was a very special goat, one of the liveliest characters in the barn, sweet, friendly, and interested in everything and everyone. She had to unplug every electric plug within reach, and she would do it quickly with an air of having accomplished a necessary chore with zest - you could almost see her grinning mischevously, brushing her hands together and saying, "There, that's done!" as she trotted away afterwards with her head up and her tail wagging, on to the next task. None of my other goats even seem to see those plugs most of the time. Lindt was named in honor of her chocolate-and-cream look and her mother Heidi's German name. She was very dairy, yet had lots of width and depth like her mother and a lovely and very productive udder, described by one judge as "near perfect." She was always a pleasure to milk, well behaved on the milk stand, with perfectly placed teats, big orifices, and lots of milk. In 2010 she looked especially good and won Reserve Senior Doe at all three of the shows she went to (I just wish I had been able to go to more shows that year!). Again in 2011 she looked great and won her second AGS/first ADGA Grand Champion leg and also first place in her class at the ADGA National. She only needed one more leg for a permanent championship, and I was expecting her to get it in 2013.
AGS Classification Score: E, 92.1 by Tim Flickinger on 6/25/11 at age 8, with particular commendation for "dairy character."
Show wins: 2 Gr Ch (1 ADGA, 2 AGS legs), 6 Reserves, 4 Best Udder.
2011 ADGA National Show: First place in aged doe class (7-plus years old) and one of only six does asked to milk out for best udder competition.

Fairlea Tosca 2*D, 2*M
3/3/05 - 9/10/15
Twin Creeks BW Giacomo Puccini X ARMCH Fairlea Heidi
Tosca's page
Tosca died suddenly on September 10, 2015. We miss her very much. She was shaded red with facial markings, dorsal stripe, and frosted ears and nose. Photos 2011, her fifth freshening. She had one Junior and one Senior Grand Champion AGS leg, and one ADGA senior leg. She was a very productive milker whose most salient characteristic was an amazing medial - something the breed needs a lot more of. She was such a nice doe to milk - a soft udder; big, soft, well placed teats; and that amazing medial. We miss her very much.
Show Wins: AGS: 1 Junior GrCh, 1 Senior GrCh; ADGA: 1 Senior GrCh.


GCH Seraiah Farms' LHY Ailia *M
Cream-of-Kansas D Long Haul x Seraiah Farms' VW Yvette
3/6/2010 - 7/16/2016
Ailia's page
Red bay and black. Sadly, I lost my sweet Ailia at only six years old, from pregnancy toxemia. She left behind a lovely half-Nigerian daughter who I hope will carry on her personality, beauty, and tremendous milk production. The pictures are from fall, 2013, during the second year of Ailia's first lactation. I wanted to experience "big goats" and couldn't resist the elegant look of this breed. Thank you, Michael Covey, for this utterly sweet and lovely girl!
Show wins: I only took her to three shows in 2013, and she won GrCH and BB at all three and finished her CH at only three years old! This included one show with an empty udder; I got confused and milked her out for the Best in Show competition in the first ring of a two-ring show before we had been in the second ring. But she still won in the second ring!