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Last updated: August 14, 2015

Currently Owned Sheep (scroll down to see formerly owned sheep)


Hythe Nutmeg
(Peppercorn X )
American Blackbelly ewe. Nutmeg is purebred but not registered.
In the picture she is the one on the left, with a half-Shetland daughter behind her.
Photo by Joanne Karohl


Ginger, Caraway, Nutmeg, and Pippi in 2015

Formerly Owned Sheep


The Rare Pushmi-Pullyu!

(Hythe Hawthorne with Nutmeg)

Fairlea Sherman
(Hythe Stonewall Jackson X Hythe Analise)
Dark grey Shetland ram, born 4/07/05.

Fairlea Shiloh
(Hythe Stonewall Jackson X Fairlea Kirsty)
Pale grey Shetland ram, born 4/02/05.

Formerly Owned Ewes

Scottfree Janine
White Finn-Dorset ewe. A beautiful ewe from Madelyn Cirinna of Scottfree Farm. Deep and wide with a huge udder - her lambs were always the biggest, healthiest ones in the flock. The picture shows both Janine and her daughter Martha.
Fairlea Martha
Black Finn-Dorset ewe, one-quarter Border Leicester, with white markings. Janine's daughter. Larger than her mother, with a gorgeous fleece - all her lambs have that lovely fleece, too. She was sold in 2008 because smaller sheep go better with Nigerian dwarf goats.
Photo by Will Donovan


Hythe Annalise
(Someday Evan TW X Maple Ridge Penelope)
3/20/00 - 9/20/12
Moorit Shetland ewe. Annalise was a beautiful ewe who produced twins with great ease almost every year (except for two singleton years), including her last spring, when she was already starting to look poorly but produced lovely, healthy ram/ewe twins and nursed and took very good care of them until they were six months old. Thank you, Nan Norseen of Hythe Farm, for this sweet, kind girl.

Fairlea Sheila
(Hythe Stonewall Jackson X Hythe Analise)
Fawn Shetland ewe.